BEC Award

Senior and Junior BEC Awards 2019

Call for nomination (deadline June 15th, 2019)
Sponsored by TOPTICA Photonics AG

Committee members of the BEC Awards 2019:
Thierry Giamarchi (Chair of BEC Awards 2019), Immanuel Bloch (Chair of BEC 2019), Cheng Chin, Jean Dalibard, Daniel Kleppner, Bill Phillips, and Shina Tan.

Contact: Thierry Giamarchi, Chair of the BEC 2019 prize committee,

BEC Senior Award 2019: Lev Pitaevskii & Sandro Stringari for the key role they have played, with both their individual works and their collaborative ones, on our understanding of Bose-Einstein condensates and Fermi gases. Their theoretical contributions have been essential for guiding a wide range of experimental investigations in this domain.

BEC Junior Award 2019: Francesca Ferlaino for her pioneering work on Bose-Einstein condensation of dipolar Erbium atoms and more generally degenerate quantum gases with long-range interactions and for realizing novel quantum phases of matter with such systems.

BEC 2019 award announcement

Past recipients:

BEC Senior Award 2017: Jean Dalibard
BEC Junior Award 2017: Cheng Chin
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BEC Senior Award 2015: Tom Greytak, Harald Hess, Daniel Kleppner
BEC Junior Award 2015: Shina Tan
BEC 2015 award announcement

BEC Senior Award 2013: Immanuel Bloch
BEC Junior Award 2013: Markus Greiner
BEC 2013 award announcement

BEC Senior Award 2011: Gora Shlyapnikov
BEC Junior Award 2011: Ian Spielman
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